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Aditya Birla online fashion is an Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla’s initial venture into e-commerce.How the Indian Conglomerate underwent challenges of addressing scalability issues along with difficulty of cost optimization of resources and infrastructure.



Fortis moved all their applications, ranging from Hospital Information System (HIS) to Oracle Financials, Oracle Supply Chain, application servers, intranet, and more to Azure.



The RedBus team uses Google BigQuery as part of an intricate data collection and analysis process. Applications hosted on a range of servers continually pump information related to customer searches, seat inventory and bookings into a centralized data collection system



Manipal oncologists can access IBM Watson for Oncology for patients with breast, colorectal and lung cancer.With Watson, Manipal oncologists can make an informed treatment decision for patients based on insights derived from the individuals’ unique health status, the latest medical research and other relevant data

Bausch & Lomb India uses Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Cloud Services, including Oracle Financials & eight other cloud-based Oracle applications to overcome a number of challenges, including multiple operating server environments, that made the venture impractical.




Macmillan India uses AWS infrastructure to achieve its objectives and avoid the expense and management load of employing in-house IT administrators.Macmillan India then set about moving its core applications—the SAP modules, a Drupal online learning system, and a customer relationship management (CRM) system—from the Chennai data center to AWS.



Daffodil Software Ltd. is an India-based information technology services company with 180 employees and satellite offices in the US, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.By adopting Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL, the Daffodil team started saving about 80 hours of development time every month because of easier deployment, no active management for scaling and simplified database management.



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