Startup.ML Machine Learning Fellowship

Startup.ML fellowship gives aspiring machine learning engineers the chance to hone their skills by building real-world applications.It offers free fellowship focused on hands on experience.


Computer Science graduates, Post graduates, post doctarates and data science professionals can apply for this program


  • build scalable machine learning models with agile software development methodology
  • mentoring by experienced ML practitioners
  • full-time for four months
  • pair program with other fellows and mentors
  • apply latest research in deep learning, reinforcement learning, generative adversarial networks, etc.


The program is offered in San Francisco, New York and London

Fellows from previous cohorts are now in data science roles at Uber Advanced Technologies Center, Facebook, Yelp, Orange,  etc

Key Points:

  • Visa sponsorship is not provided as of now
  • There is no stipend during the course of this fellowship program


The program is 4 months on a full-time basis.


For more information relating to this fellowship,you can click here


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Title: Startup.ML Machine Learning Fellowship
Reviewed by Team Cloudirec
Rating: 5.0
Summary: Machine Learning Fellowship
Description: Startup.ML offers a four-month fellowship to data science professionals to provide them with hands-on experience of working on challenging problems in machine learning

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