The Cloudcast

It is by far the most prolific podcasts on this list. Starting in 2011.Hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely, both cloud experts in their own right, invite industry experts to discuss all aspects of cloud computing


The AWS Podcast

Jeff Barr, podcast host and AWS Chief Evangelist baptizes listeners (sorry, had to) in AWS’ offerings, news and tech tips, and conducts interviews with AWS partners and employees.


Cloud Computing Weekly Podcast

Host David Linthicum looks at the Cloud from an enterprise perspective, with the stated goal of preparing businesses to “look beyond conventional computing.” Every episode, Lithicum invites expert guests to discuss what’s new in cloud computing, and what’s working best for businesses getting involved.


Compare the Cloud: The Issues

Hosted by Neil Cattermull and Andrew Mclean, Compare the Cloud podcast covers cloud news and best practices in a wide range of topics


The Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Hosts Francesc and Mark discuss Google Cloud Platform every week. Tune into the podcast if you are google cloud enthusiast.


Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover is your eye on the Microsoft Cloud. Join Chris Risner and Thiago Almeida as they cover Microsoft Azure, demonstrate features, discuss the latest news + announcements, and share tips and tricks.


The New Builders Podcast

The New Builders podcast features interviews with innovative application developers, where they reveal their best practices, latest projects and favorite tools.